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TIANJIN U-LIKE INTL.CO.,LTD was established in June 2006, and now is one of the leading indoor furniture manufacturers and designers in North of China; strong in furniture design and quality control.

Throughout the company history there were several changes and progress made to help ULIKE to become highly competitive and shape its manufacturing skills in alignment with the most current furniture trends.


When ULIKE just started out, company’s main focus was on the high gloss MDF products and then we found our niche and gradually shifted our energy to manufacturing high quality dining and living room furniture, with a main focus on dining chairs.

Now ULIKE factory counts with strong manufacturing plants and advanced machinery. We have 12 high-efficiency robotic welding arms, a fully automated cloth cutting machine, bending machine,metal pipe shaping machine, and programmable computerized sewing machine among other equipment. Our investment in machinery is saving manufacturing time, increasing production efficiency and reducing costs in a long run, which leads to better price and lead time we can offer to our clients.


Over time ULIKE had gained a strong reputation and built a great client portfolio, that wouldn’t be possible without early realizing that it was not enough to manufacture great design furniture, ensuring good quality was mandatory as well. This is when ULIKE decided to invest in creation of the Quality Control department. Now we keep a close watch on manufacturing process to ensure the quality of our products. To ensure control over production, we will carry out raw material inspection, then an inspection in mid-production (inspecting semi-finished goods), and once the goods are ready and packed, we will do the AQL quality check. Our professional and experienced QC team will issue a detailed QC report that will be sent to client for confirmation.

What’s more, apart from internal quality control, ULIKE can proudly say that we have passed third party factory audit and BSCIaudit as well.


Every year managing high volume of orders showed the importance and urgent need for a good management tool. This is when ULIKE decided to use ERP system to efficiently supervise all orders and avoid delays. This is one of our strengths, as we use a highly efficient ERP system to manage orders not only for our Sales department but also for Finance and Logistics among others. 

All product information is stored in the system and being updated to ensure correct packaging size and product weight and volume, which is vital for calculating correctly the loading ability. Also ERP allows to store conveniently information regarding client’s requested Customs clearance documents, so everytime we receive a new order, we exactly know what each client’s requirements are and prepare the needed documentation speedily.



Once we had manufacturing and quality under control, we started investing much more in creating our own furniture designs. Now every year ULIKE designers develop around 30 brand new designs and register them at EUIPO office to have exclusive selling rights.



When we had fully established oneself as a high level professionals in the furniture industry, we naturally became more client oriented, and kept thinking of what else can we do to provide more value to our clients? What can we do differently to stand out?

This is when our Design department expanded and our designer team started to use 3ds Max software to create professional, high-resolution 3D interior design pictures. This not only helps to imagine how ULIKE´s furniture would fit in modern and contemporary living space, but also makes it easier for our clients to promote goods.


ULIKE has invested in training of its sales team and now it counts with a highly qualified team of young professionals. Our staff speedily replies e-mails, quickly solves problems and every week makes new item recommendations tailored for each clients’ market.

Every year we take part in international furniture fairs like the IMM Cologne in Germany, CIFF Guangzhou and SIFF Shanghai, in China.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory in Bazhou or see us at the fairs!