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 U-LIKE Order Procedure

Firstly, we would like to thank you for ordering from U-LIKE INTL. We U-LIKE members highly appreciate your trust in us and are looking forward to satisfy your needs and even exceed your expectations. In order to make our service and procedures clearer to you, please check the following information as it will make our future cooperation easier.


Before Order----SAMPLE TERMS

Perfect samples can be sent to you upon request,but please note the following:

   a. The delivery cost should be covered by the purchaser. We will give you two options. First, you can pay the cost before the samples are sent or you can give us your express account, and we will proceed with the order.

   b. The sample cost should be paid first and then we will refund the sample value from your first order.


Confirming the Pro-Forma Invoice (P.I.)

Before confirming the P.I. please check some useful information below:

1.       Company information: Please supply complete company information, such as full company name (It must be the same as remittance company name), address, telephone, destination port.

2.       Terms of payment:

1)       We accept L/C or T/T as a method of payment. In order to confirm the payment, we also request all the bank slips or copy of L/C for every order.

2)       Please indicate our order NO. on the bank slip.

3)   Please also confirm that the P.I. buyer will be the same as the one who makes the payment 

        3. Delivery time: Delivery time may vary from 40 to 45 days (depending on your order models and quantity) after your deposit or L/C is received

4.       MOQ: we will execute a MOQ of 50pcs for tables including dining table, coffee table, TV stand etc; 100 pcs of chairs for each model and color. For mixed orders, no more than 8 models can be placed in a 20 feet container, and no more than 12 models in a 40 feet container

5.       Spare parts: An extra 2% of spare parts (screw bags, plastic accessories) will be loaded in the container. Amount of the spare part sets will depend on the order quantity

6.      Loading CBM:Normally when a container is loaded with mixed orders, the different sized boxes cannot use well all the container space. In order to avoid any product to remain unloaded or avoid any changes in the order quantity, we suggest for a 20 feet container to load maximum 26 CBM; for 40GP maximum 56 CBM; and for 40HQ maximum 66 CBM.


One week after confirming order:

1) Order modification: you cannot change the order quantity or models after we finish the communication and sign the P.I.


2) Packing requirement: If you have any special requirements for the packaging, such as mail order packaging or others, please inform us before confirming the P.I.Our standard packaging is as follows:

     Chairs: We use rubber foam to wrap the back of the chair and the frames first, and then pack them in cardboard boxes. Chair backs and chair frames are packed separately, 4 or 6 pieces in 1 or 2 cartons.

     Dining table: We use rubber foam to wrap the glass and the legs first, then pack in cardboard boxes;table top and legs/frames are packed separately,1 pc in 2 cartons.

    Coffee table: Packing is similar to the dining table.

    TV-stand: We pack most of the TV stands in mail order packaging, we use rubber foam to wrap the glass and the steel parts of the TV stand first, and then pack them with MDF board and Kraft cartons to make     the TV-stand packaging attractive,small and safe enough for all kind of furniture dealers. And to save     more space,some of the TV stands have the glass and frames packed separately, similar to the tables. 

3) Shipping marksOur standard carton imprinting is as below, there is no additional information on the carton. If you have a special requirement for the marking, please inform us before confirming the P.I..

4) Assembly Instructions

Our standard assembly instructions are as in the example below. If you have any special requirement for it, please inform us before confirming the P.I.

Two weeks after confirmation order:

 Shipping information & ocean freight documentation requirements:

1.       For FOB terms, please advise your shipping forwarder details at the same time when you confirm your order. 

2.       For CNF terms, we will inform you about the ocean freight costs before you confirm your order.

3.       When you place your order, please let us know and be specific about all the ocean freight documentation you require.




For orders of more than 2 containers, please inform which items you want to load in each container before loading.


Balance payment:

We will send you a copy of shipping documents within a week after the shipping date, please make the balance payment as soon as you receive our copy of B/L.


After service:

  a. Quality guarantee period: 1 year after the shipping date.

  b. Complaints: please provide us with the evidential pictures if you find some quality problems in our products, we will check the pictures and arrange a replacement in the following order subject to the damage.

And please remember, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding to our products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our Customer Service team is here for you and ready to assist you the whole way through.