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Dear All Valued Customer,


Due to the recent short supply on metal and fabric, here U-Like would like to inform you and give some pre-warning about the future order plan, in order to avoid any unexpected delay or further business influence.




In ZHEJIANG area, most of the lakes nearby city were heavily polluted because of the dyeing factory. Government issued restriction policy on related factory by limiting its production and limiting the use of energy in the local area. Meanwhile, the upcoming G20 summit is also one of the reasons why this policy may carry on for a longer period of time.

During this period some of the fabric, like the fabric we use on mass production or customized fabric, need more than 1 month to get. We hope you can leave us more production time and inform us as early as you can for the future orders.

 And we will strive as hard as even possible to prepare related fabric orders in advance.




Due to continuous increase of steel tube prices, more and more raw material factories keep the stock in their plant, trying to get more profit. Therefore, our factory could not get the steel tube on time as before; we need to wait 2-3 more weeks. Also in order to avoid further price adjustment, we hope you can provide us with your order plan, and we can timely prepare our own stock for the future orders. This will improve our production efficiency, as we will be able to prepare our stock in advance.

We highly appreciate your understanding and support.


Thank you very much for your time. We sincerely wish we can overcome the above crisis together. And we are looking forward to fulfill your current and next month order plan. We will also keep giving you another update on the related information.